The Concept

  • Performance driven company
  • Comprehensive accountability
  • Focused by design

The Opportunity

  • Intelligent analytics
  • Custom collection strategies
  • Uninhibited communication

The Results

  • Consistent & sustainable performance
  • Improved cost efficiencies
  • Long term partnerships
  • Increased customer satisfaction 

Compliance Management


PPMS is a management system for collection agencies based upon developing, implementing and adhering to a set of industry-specific professional practices and policies. The required foundational principles of PPMS teaches our employees about the 18 basic elements of a PPMS and how to develop company manuals, procedures and work instructions to support the PPMS.

Being certified as a PPMS agency, Delta Outsource Group is dedicated to best practices in the industry, abides by the association’s stringent code of ethics and is highly qualified to provide credit grantors with the expert collection services needed in today’s competitive business world.

In order to stay up to date on changes in the regulatory environment, Delta Outsource Group, Inc. has a ACA Certified Credit and Collection Compliance Officer who is responsible for the continual review of changes and works alongside our ACA certified Training Specialists to inform and educate our team.  We take a deliberate and purpose driven approach to compliance utilizing system and hardware controls, documented policies and procedures, and extensive training and management oversight.  

As a PPMS certified organization we are able to measure results of our processes in frequent, consistent ways to bring our partners even more benefits to help them be successful:

  • Increased efficiency for a better client experience
  • Improved data security and physical security
  • Improved solutions to compliance issues
  • Enhanced disaster recovery and business continuity
  • More effectively trained staff
  • Continuous measurement of client satisfaction
  • Faster resolution of client service issues
  • Company-wide commitment to quality assurance
  • Documented procedures for consistent performance


Compliance is about having control and oversight.  At Delta Outsource Group, Inc. we take a proactive approach to every aspect of compliance. Our Compliance Management team has established numerous internal protocols to address potential complaint violations before they arise. Our philosophy is:  Identify, Correct, and Control.

 In today’s climate of public awareness, it is imperative that collectors at Delta Outsource Group, Inc. represent our clients in an ethical and diplomatic fashion.  Consequently, the ownership and management of Delta Outsource Group, Inc. places special emphasis on public relations and on retaining only those associates which:

  •  Maintain the highest degree of professionalism
  • Work to protect the privacy, the dignity, and the rights of consumers
  • Display an ability to adapt and grow with the industry

 The continuous and ongoing education of our collectors ensures:

  •  We comply with all applicable statues
  • Adhere to any Regulations
  • Meet all ethical standards for debt collection industry



Our CFPB Preparedness document outlines Delta Outsource Group, Inc.’s preparedness to the CFPB’s Examination Procedures for Debt Collection.  While Delta Outsource Group, Inc. has not been subject to a CFPB examination, it is our intent to proactively prepare and be in line with all CFPB directives and this document will evolve as CFPB directives evolve. 


In today’s regulatory environment, compliance is paramount.  Compliance is about having a defined, documented and systemic approach to operations with clear expectations and accountability.  Compliance is about actionable controls and management oversight.  With that in mind, Delta Outsource Group, Inc. developed the Compliance Matrix which provides a high level overview of our compliance management system.