The Concept

  • Performance driven company
  • Comprehensive accountability
  • Focused by design

The Opportunity

  • Intelligent analytics
  • Custom collection strategies
  • Uninhibited communication

The Results

  • Consistent & sustainable performance
  • Improved cost efficiencies
  • Long term partnerships
  • Increased customer satisfaction 

Our Technology

With the advent of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), everyone likes to talk about compliance but many times, it is just that…talk.  “Actions speak volumes”.  Let Delta Outsource Group, Inc. show you how we safeguard the rights, privacy and dignity from those we collect.




TECH LOCK® Certified Achievement means we are in the top 5% of agencies in the ARM industry.  TECH LOCK® Certified is true data security compliance performed by qualified assessors with ARM Industry focus. We are going above the industry average and having a PCI QSA validate its controls on all data, not just cardholder data. We take the most restrictive controls and applies those restrictive controls on ALL consumer and confidential client data.


Speech analytics enables us to maximize payments while staying compliant and up to date with new rules and regulations.  CallMiner analyzes every agent contact to eliminate compliance risk, improve agent performance, and increase recovery rates.   CallMiner tracks every call for Mini Miranda language, Right Party Contact language, FDCPA violations, abusive language from either party, and other risky language.


PPMS is our management system designed for collection agencies based upon developing, implementing and adhering to a set of industry-specific professional practices and policies. The required foundational principles of PPMS teaches our employees about the 18 basic elements of a PPMS and how to develop company manuals, procedures and work instructions to support the PPMS


The SSAE 16 attestation standard provides guidance on financial reporting on a our organization’s controls.  The completion of the SSAE 16 auditing process ensures that Delta Outsource Group’s meets specific control objectives as it pertains to internal system controls and financial reporting.